Technical assistance

A good cooperation characterizes an individual approach to each project and client which guarantees recognition of his needs, expectations as to prepare an offer which will meet client’s requirements. 

Most of Extral products find an application in special and sometimes even innovative solutions proposed by Extral clients.

That’s why it is so important for Extral employees to familiarize with the usage of each profile as to optimize production process according to the clients needs.

Extral company offers a professional advice and help when designing the product and choosing the material which will be used to extrude aluminum profiles. 

Our technical support includes:
Extrusion process optimization - through such profile shape design, its simplification or change of construction , which limits during the process of extrusion a possibility of potential creation of factors which, for example have an influence on the visible surface quality- such as thermal lines.
Technology optimization- a usage of alloys which meet client’s requirements but also have an influence on extrusion parameters, and what’s goes next -decreasing of the final product individual costs. 

Tool optimization trough the profile’s shape- the most optimal use of the size of a tool- a the flow of aluminum, wall thickness, shape and symmetry to increase its service life, guarantees the stability of the process.