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We are delighted to inform that Extral Sp. z o.o. received the title of "Forbes Diamonds 2019" and thus for the third time was in the group of companies with the most dynamic goodwill growth!

We are very happy that consequently another year in a row we were among the winners of the Forbes Diamonds. It is a clear evidence to the effectiveness of our actions. This title is a confirmation of being among the most developing companies in the country.

"Forbes Diamonds" is an annual ranking of companies that have most successfully increased their value in the last three years. The results of the "Forbes Diamonds 2019" ranking have been developed on the base of Swiss method of goodwill valuation.

Due to the achieved results, Extral took fourth place in the regional classification and 40th place in the nationwide classification.

Detailed results of the "Forbes Diamonds 2019" ranking have been published in the Forbes monthly and on the website